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Review of Mowers to Mow Those Hilly Areas

Garden Tractors

Tractor mowers with one hand mowerMost lawns require mowing at least once per week. If the lawn rests on a hillside, it can create problems as to what mower is required to get the job done. Safety and maintenance issues are two elements in deciding which mowers stand out among the rest. Financially, the mower needs to be of higher quality, but stay within most budgets to compete against the array of mowers available on the market today.
Does the blade drop down low enough to cut the lawn properly? Does the blade housing rest in a balanced manner and not leave the lawn uneven? When you hit the hillside at an angle to get the best cut, does the mower remain safe enough or do you feel as though it will tip over? These questions and more can be answered by the review of some garden tractors on the market today. Hopefully this will give you some idea as to what to look for, the models that are the top of the line in terms of maintenance, initial cost and safety, and whether or not the life expectancy of the mower is worth the price you pay.
Mowing a hillside is problematic enough without feeling as though the mower will completely tip over, sending you and the spinning blade toppling down the hill. Finding the best garden tractor for mowing hills is vital if you have to rely on it for years to come and mow at least once on a bi-weekly basis.

Cub Cadet 1000 Series Garden Tractor

Company Claims:
For lawns that are filled with obstacles, such as trees, shrubs and items that have to be mown around, the Cub Cadet Series 1000 lawn mower seems to be the one that can handle it. High maneuverability and an ultra-light turning radius create the mower that can easily handle those harder to reach places.
These mowers start at $1,499. With a 12” turning radius, the 1000 series mower is ready for the lawn-mowing season for lawns up to 3 acres. Professional-grade engines and a wide chute for discharging cuttings, the 1000 series claims to be the best performing tractor in the industry. It comes complete with a 3-year/120-hour warranty and 5-year/500-hour limited warranty. The blade housing boasts a SmartJet high-pressure deck-washing system. For the smallest of the mower systems, the Cub Cadet appears to be set up for hillside mowing with the safe base and a great turning radius.
Cub Cadet series 1000’s deck hosts smooth arch blades. In comparison with the traditional angular blades, it allows for the perfect cut of tall, thick and wet grass, the first time through. The blades overlap each other in the deck, for a cleaner cut. A deep dome deck and arch blades that overlap perform like a vacuum, constantly circulating the air to disperse grass clippings into the lawn, without the clumping and clogging that regular mowers tend to do.
With a fully welded steel frame that is claimed to be the thickest in the industry, and cast iron front axles, the Cub Cadet 1000 lasts longer, performs better and is built tough for years of mowing. Cub Cadet 1000 tractor mowers come with a hydrostatic transmission on select models, which provide for less maintenance, smoother riding and a longer life of the transmission. At least, all of this is what the manufacturer reports to us.
From Consumer Reviews:
Consumers don’t tend to agree with the information the company boasts about the mowers. Reviews from the people who use these mowers have claims of the belt coming off all the time, even during the first few hours of purchase. Apparently, the tensioner has issues as well, along with the short life span of the hydrostatic transmission. One consumer even reports the blade flew off when the mower was first started. There were even reports of headlights burning out and engines blowing and after only a few hours of use.
The Cub Cadet used to be one of the best in the industry, but they sold the manufacturing plant to another company, which apparently is not coming through with a quality product. The Cub Cadet 1000 series tractor mowers are not the highest priced in the industry, but not one of the cheapest either. The good thing that consumers are saying is that the warranty is at least worthwhile, however, taking it to repair shops mean the mower stays for several days while waiting on parts.
Consumers have agreed (when their mower lasts long enough to mow) that the turning radius is all it is claimed to be. The majority of reviews (approximately 28) read, left only 2 that said anything good about this product.
The Cub Cadet 1000 series tractor mower receives only one star, for the warranty. After reading numerous reports of pieces literally falling off of the mower, it’s not worth the time, money or effort to purchase one of these units.

John Deere Lawn Tractors

Mowing up to 3.5 acres, the John Deere X300 tractor system houses a 42-inch deck. The John Deere X300 comes with a V-twin air-cooled design and a large fuel tank for fewer stops to refill while mowing. An integrated hydrostatic transaxle allows the power to transfer to the wheels where it should be. The hydrostatic transmission is similar to that of an automatic transmission in a car, thus it is often referred to as having an automatic transmission.
With the Twin-Touch foot control and the ease of its use, the rider can switch direction without lifting their foot off of the deck. The model comes with cruise control to operate in comfort during those long stretches of mowing activity. Steering remains tight, as turning is easy with the 16-inch turning radius capability. Sector and pinion steering comes with quality bearings to give an easy and precise ride control. The frame of the John Deere X300 riding mower is made of heavy-duty welded steel for longer life and durable use. An additional RIO (reverse implement option) allows for mowing during the backing mode if necessary.
John Deere X330 mowers come with the traditional warranties for these mowers. A four-year limited warranty for the Select Series – 48 months or 300 hours, whichever comes first, however with the history of the John Deere products, the use of the warranty is probably not on the priority list, due to the quality and long life of this brand.
The initial expense of the mower is approximately $2,999.00, online, and probably runs cheaper in a store.
The 26-hp engine and enough torque for tougher mulching jobs, the 100 Series contains all you need to mow that hillside yard. With a wide wheel base for safer turns and elevated areas, high quality tires that balance out the blade deck and with Starlock blades that have a point lock design for easier removal, the John Deere is deemed an all round mower that cruises the hills of your property with a good, clean cut. Mulching blades provide the small cut pieces that supply your yard the mulch it needs to remain healthy, or the added grass catching set up for those who wish to eliminate grass clippings on the lawn altogether. The grass bag is apparently a bit tougher to remove and replace, according to consumer reviews (at least one had a problem with this part).
Consumers that have had their John Deere X300 Series report this to be one of the best garden tractors for mowing hills, cutting around the tighter spaces, for long-lasting life, with mechanically sound parts, and for being a mower they can count on year after year.
The parts and repair for the X300 series seems to be reasonable, with the parts being readily available.
In this category of 3-4 acres of lawn cutting needs, the John Deere X300 series might be more expensive, but overall is worth every dime in terms of less hassling with various parts, the life span of the mower, ease of use, features that make it a more comfortable task for users, and parts that are more durable. Because of the great reviews from consumers, the long-lasting quality, ease of use, and hillside lawn cutting capabilities, the John Deere X300 series rates high in this category.
When searching out the best lawn tractor for mowing hills, you will need to take all of the factors into consideration. These include expense, type of engine, turning radius, types of blades, and durability to name a few. It is important to seek out the right mower to suit all of your mowing needs and read up on consumer reviews to get the "real" information on the product you desire.

Toro LX423

The Toro LX423 mower comes complete with an automatic CVT transmission with a cruise control feature to make your long mowing experience easier. The 20 HP Kohler Courage Twin Cam OHV Engine keeps the mower running at a good speed of 5.5 mph maximum.
Made for those areas of 3.5 to 4 acres of land, the Toro comes standard with an hour meter and deck washout ports to keep track of hours the mower is used, and to prevent the grass build up on the deck.
Attachments can be added easily, such as the cart, twin-bagger or the snow thrower, creating an all-season versatile machine.
Toro has been one of the leading providers of innovative turf maintenance equipment since 1914. Toro, producing their good reputation, claims superior customer care and innovative creations.
Toro is the partner of events around the world, such as St. Andrews of Scotland, Wimbledon Championships, Super Bowl, Rose Bowl, Walt Disney Resort, and many major league baseball and national football league stadiums to name a few.
Kohler engines can handle commercial usage, therefore keeping your hillside lawn in optimal shape. The durability of Kohler Courage engines gives the mower enough power to conquer the toughest jobs with reduced noise and less vibration. Increased fuel efficiency and engines that burn cleaner are the claims of the Kohler engine family.
The continual variation of mowing speed can be controlled by one easy foot pedal. Power trains on the LX models provide comfort, control and reliability year after year. The option of automatic drive or the hydrostatic transmissions are available on these models. With a 15” turning radius, it provides for a good maneuvering ability.
The deck washout port is a great way to be able to clean the grass from blades and the underside of the deck. Cleaning the deck and blades is vital to maintain the optimal airflow for high performance each time you mow. With a 3-gallon fuel tank, the two-year limited warranty, and the name that is backed by history, Toro LX model lawn mowers give you the durable, comfortable, reliable machine to keep it at the top of the list of best lawn tractors for hills on the market.
The Toro LX423 20-HP model costs about $1699, which lies in the middle of the range of this category of mowers. The wheelbase is large enough to provide a good, safe mower for those hillsides and hard to reach places in your large yard. While the turn radius isn’t quite as sharp as a couple of other models, it doesn’t take away the fact that Toro has been a great all round mowing machine for many years.
The mowing deck can be lowered to 1.5 or raised to 4 inches above the cutting surface. With a strong cast iron axle, you can bank on a sturdy construction to keep it going for years.
For good reviews, durable design and build, relatively moderate cost and availability of parts and replacements, the Toro LX423 gets a four star review. It seems the reviews for the Toro LX423 are a bit more difficult to locate, which could mean either fewer people purchase them or they are out mowing their lawns with their Toro.

Mowing Your Lawn

When choosing a new riding mower, especially those we believe are the best, we must remember that there are the "lemons" that slip by; even some of those great brand name models. Reading plenty of reviews, listening to those who have purchased one, is the best way to determine if the mower is of higher quality and will last for years. The brand names are important, only to those that wish to consider if a brand has been around for years; there must be a reason.
Getting the best mower to cut your lawn is simple - choose with care and look for these features:
  • Has the brand been around for a long time?
  • Simple is sometimes better when it comes to mechanical or electrical items. Are there tons of digital features that require more money to repair?
  • Do you know of anyone else that has purchased the brand?
  • Have you checked reviews to see what other consumers of the product have to say?
  • Don't jump into buying the first product you see - shop around and ensure you have researched your options.
  • Has the company stayed true throughout history or has it sold the company to someone else or merged?
Keep these key questions in mind when you decide to shop for your perfect mower for sloped lawns. It pays to shop wisely!

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